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1. We write questions
Get tailored questions from our experts who have interviewed and worked at top bulge brackets sent to your inbox every day.

2. You solve and answer them
Maintain consistency in your prep by solving and answering an interview question each and every day.

3. We send the solution Premium
Verify your answers against our solutions and get better at problem solving until you land the job!

Sample Question

If a company with a high P/E ratio acquires a company with a low P/E ratio in a stock transaction, assuming everything else stays constant, will the transaction be accretive or dilutive to the acquiring company?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just find investment banking interview questions on the internet?
We've found that full-time students are too busy to slog through gigantic lists of questions. With our email service, you just have to attempt one question every day. Consistent practice is the best way to learn. We have also made sure that the questions are carefully tailored to match the difficulty of actual interview questions asked at top-tier bulge brackets.

I don't have a business degree, should I still subscribe to Daily IBD Prep?
While the questions we send rely on knowledge in corporate finance and accounting, it is not necessary to have a business degree to solve them. It just takes dedicated effort and practice. If you're self-taught, it may be harder for you than for a business major, but with enough effort and practice you'll find that your familiarity with the underlying finance and accounting theory will improve as you go.

What topics are covered?
We plan our questions with the principles of spaced reptition in mind and target a distribution of topics that reflect what you are likely to get in real-life interviews for investment banking analyst roles. That is, we cover both fit/qualitative and technical questions, with a bias towards the latter due to feedback from our subscribers.

What does IBD stand for?
Investment Banking Division.