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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Daily IBD Prep Premium 3 month course different to the free 30 day course?

They key difference is that while our free 30 day course includes daily questions, our premium 3 month course includes both questions and solutions.

Is Daily IBD Prep Premium really worth it?
It is no secret that 1st year investment banking analysts can easily earn over $150,000 all in. Let's say that using Daily IBD Prep for one month improves your chances of landing your dream investment banking gig by 5%. Assuming that without Daily IBD Prep, you could have landed a job with a salary of $70,000. Then you would be buying an expected value of over $4,000 (($150,000 - $70,000) x 5%), and this doesn't even account for future earning potential! Any aspiring investment banker should know a good deal when they see one 😉

If I'm subscribed to the free version of Daily IBD Prep and I upgrade, will I get solutions for the previous questions?
The selection of questions in our premium 3 month course is different to those in our free version to prevent repeated questions.

How long should I spend solving each problem?
For most questions, an answer should be able to be given after 0-2 minutes of thinking/planning, as would be expected in a real-life interview (this is not to say that all your answers must be less than 2 minutes, although this is a good guideline for most questions).

What topics are covered?
We plan our questions with the principles of spaced reptition in mind and target a distribution of topics that reflect what you are likely to get in real-life interviews for investment banking analyst roles. That is, we cover both fit/qualitative and technical questions, with a bias towards the latter due to feedback from our subscribers.

I still have a question
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